Balotelli: Racists in Italy are few and stupid

Racists in Italy are few and stupid people, and nothing can be done about them, Mario Balotelli, Italy and Manchester City striker has said.  

In a rare interview with the TIME which will be the magazine’s December Cover story, Balotelli discusses many issues including his life as a footballer, desire to make his parents happy, and racism.

He says he would like to help Italy overcome racism and become a modern country like England and the US.

TIME’s Europe editor Catherine Mayer and Rome-based correspondent Stephan Faris who interviewed Balotelli in Manchester said they found a clever, engaging, thoughtful adult, but one in whom the impact of childhood turbulence still seems clearly visible.

Balotelli says he was very happy when Barack Obama was elected the first black US President. He in fact longs to meet him one day.

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