Beat recession blues with yoga and meditation

Recession stress is just a state of mind, it all depends on how you deal with it 20th May 2009: Nervous about losing work with a key Home Office committee cutting the number and categories of jobs available for migrants from outside the European Union, worry not. You can fight recession stress with yoga and meditation, so say the experts.

The need for beating the stress was being felt ever since the Migration Advisory Committee said 270,000 less posts should be on the ‘shortage list’ of jobs, which allows employers to bring in foreign workers without trying to fill them with British staff first.

A research carried out by yogic experts says recession stress is just a state of mind, it all depends on how you deal with it. If the recession has left you turning and tossing in bed at night, it means somewhere inside you there is lurking fear.

This is precisely where yoga and meditation can help. It is nothing but deployment of certain techniques to become aware of the modifications of your mind. Rather, yoga is the process by which changes of the mind can be checked, and even stopped.
The modifications include dreaming, wrong thought processes, and imagination. Only when your mind is silent and calm, you can make the right decisions in life.

Quoting an example, yogic guru Bharat Thakur says if you may have lost your job, take it as time to re-evaluate your career. Is this what you enjoy doing? Do you have a passion for some other job? If yes, you will certainly be able to find another job. Maybe you need to expand your skill set. If you find yourself de-motivated in your hunt for another job, try something different, depending on your situation.

As of yoga and meditation, the first step is to leave your worries behind. Meditation is the art of stopping your mind from thinking and move inwards into a peaceful state, where your situation of life does not affect your mental state.

Panic is the worst thing that can happen to you, Thakur says. Fear might be building up and waiting to carry you all the way into a panic attack. So become aware of your breath. According to the yogis, your breath is the clearest indicator of your mental state.

If your breath is fast and unsteady, you can do simple breathing exercises to bring it back to normal. If you are tense and your body is stiff, you can do simple stretches to relax your body. You can also practice neuromuscular locks, which balance your hormones and bring your entire system to its optimum level.

Just remember that all the economies of the world go through ups and downs. It’s part of the natural process – like different seasons. Just think its time to get creative, and fit, to take out moments for yourself and get back the focus on the career.

By Monika

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