Blair says Britain should be proud of migration

The former Prime Minister describes migration as ‘net strength’ for the country

Tags: Immigration, racism, Diversity Awards

17th September 2009:
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has asserted that Britain has all the reasons to feel proud of migration as it has been a “huge net strength” for the country. He also condemned recent racist marches in Britain.
Blair told a multi-ethnic audience of professional and business leaders during an awards ceremony that attitudes to race had undergone a change over the last four decades. But, still there were appalling instances of racial discrimination, and disturbances between people who were racist and people protesting against them.
Blair said they had a distance to go. But if one thought of the predictions made back in the 60s about how Britain would be unable to cope with migration, he would say that migration has been a huge net strength for the country and its diversity. It was something for which they should be really proud of.
Blair’s comments came during the Leadership and Diversity Awards night held annually by GG2, publishers of Garavi Gujarat and other leading ethnic media in Britain.
The assertion came soon after marches by white anti-immigration groups in multicultural cities such as London and Birmingham fuelled clashes with South Asian protesters and led to arrests.

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