BNP goes to campaign with halt-immigration-invasion issue

The party’s already under fire for “undemocratic and racist nature”

8th April 2010: Already facing criticism for “undemocratic and racist nature”, the BNP has decided to campaign in the 2010 general election on the issues of “a halt to the immigration invasion”.

The party also proposes to take up the issue of withdrawal from Afghanistan, and an end to the ‘Global Warming’ conspiracy, party leader Nick Griffin MEP has announced.

Griffin has asserted the BNP’s position on immigration is well known. “All the other parties are in favour of immigration, either through the fake ‘points-based’ nonsense, a ‘balanced migration’ con trick or some other subterfuge.

“Only the BNP demands an end to mass Third World immigration and the implementation of policies which will not only halt this colonisation of our nation by the Third World, but will indeed reverse it as well.”

The assertion comes at a time when the contribution of the migrant workers to the UK’s economy, and their role to plug in the gaps in the labour market, is well established. It’s also a known fact by now that the UK’s policy on immigration has made London a more attractive and diverse place.

Already, media workers and students opposed to racism and fascism have join hands to “Expose the BNP”. They have launched a campaign against the party, as “its policies are directly opposed to the democratic principles which underpin our multi-cultural society and those policies should not be given airtime”.

The BNP’s manifesto is currently being finalised and will focus heavily on the economy and the need to rebuild Britain’s manufacturing industry which is the only way that real jobs and lasting prosperity can be guaranteed.

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