BNP is a poison we could well do without: John Bercow

The Commons Speaker bags applause for attack on BNP’s “evil”

31st October 2009: Launching a scathing attack on the BNP, Commons Speaker John Bercow said the party was a "poison which we could well do without".

The attack on the "evil" of the BNP saw Bercow bag a standing ovation from the UK Youth Parliament members. His assertions came at the end of an historic day’s sitting which witnessed the Commons benches being occupied by non-MPs for the first time.

As the 300 youngsters debated university fees, youth crime, public transport, the voting age, jobs and the economy, Bercow introduced the session with a speech on the importance of democracy.

Breaking free from the tradition of a Speaker remaining impartial, Bercow unleash the attack on the BNP. As of now, the party is represented in the Commons, but has recently gained two MEPs in Brussels.

Referring to the passing allusions on the scourge of the BNP during the youth debates, Bercow insisted he was under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be neutral between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other.

Bercow said he felt very strongly as someone from a Jewish background that the evil of the BNP was that its whole politics was based upon and driven by hate; and that was a poison they could well do without.

Reacting to the comments, a BNP spokesman said they were not surprised by his anti-democratic comments against the party. However, they found the comments hypocritical from a man, who was once a member of the far-right Conservative Monday Club, serving as Secretary of its Immigration and Repatriation Committee.

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