BNP pledges to declare Britain a non-immigration country

`There are no legal asylum seekers in Britain’

28th April 2010:
The British National Party has pledged to declare Britain a Non-Immigration country.

The section on immigration in the BNP’s 2010 election manifesto says, `Britain is already the most densely populated nation in Europe and a BNP government would officially declare it to be a non-immigration country.

`Work permits will only be issued in exceptional circumstances, for example, when the Government determines there is a need to rebuild British industry or when there is a genuine shortage of skills.

`We shall permit genuine students, so long as they possess health insurance. This latter concession will also assist with our long-term policy of re-building Third World economies in order to facilitate the voluntary return of their nationals or descendants, under our long-term resettlement programme’.

The BNP also declared it would deport all illegal immigrants

`We shall deport all illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, including their dependents. We note that even under the current unacceptably lax deportation policies, thousands of people are deported from the UK annually without incident.

`It is estimated that there are well in excess of one million illegal immigrants in Britain today.

Illegal immigration must be considered to be an aspect of national security, not merely an issue of social policy. Arrests of Islamic terrorists in Britain, plotting mass murder, and second-generation Britons engaged in the 2005 bombing campaign illustrate the link between illegal immigration and terrorism.

On the issue of asylum, the party said: An ‘asylum seeker’ who has crossed dozens of safe countries to reach soft-touch Britain has lost the claim of asylum once they move out of that first safe country.

`Because every ‘asylum seeker’ in Britain has crossed dozens of safe countries to enter the UK, the BNP’s attitude is that there are currently no legal asylum seekers in Britain today.

`It must be stated that the problems of the world are neither Britain’s fault nor our responsibility — nor do they fall within our capacity to solve.

 `We shall ensure, in the context of illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, that there are no amnesties to reward law-breakers and no extensive appeal against legal decisions.

`The BNP is convinced that once the benefits system for these bogus asylum seekers is removed, the flood of applicants will halt by itself’.

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