BNP targets Human Rights Act

To repeal the Act, if BNP has its way

21st April 2010: If British National Party has its way, the Human Rights Act (HRA), introduced by the Labour Party, will be repealed.

Describing it as “a travesty of justice”, the BNP has asserted its government would repeal the law which is, and has been used by, criminals from across the world to avoid deportation from Britain.

Justifying its stand, the BNP asserted a Muslim offender who abused two girls won the right to stay in Britain by claiming his “human rights” would be violated, if he were to be deported back.

The BNP said its policy on foreign national criminals was instant deportation, no matter what their immigration status was.

Moreover, the BNP would, having withdrawn from EU membership, abolish the HRA and all related laws which have distorted the judicial system to act in favour of the criminal class rather than the victims.

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