BNP threatens to end government subsidy for hiring foreigners

The assertion comes even as their contribution to economy is well established

7th April 2010:
The BNP has gone a step further in its anti-immigration crusade.

Already facing criticism for “undemocratic and racist nature”, the BNP has fired another salve by saying it would end government subsidies enjoyed by companies to employ foreigners.

The assertion comes at a time when the contribution of the migrant workers to the UK’s economy, and their role to plug in the gaps in the labour market, is well established. It’s also a known fact by now that the UK’s policy on immigration has made London a more attractive and diverse place.

Already, media workers and students opposed to racism and fascism have join hands to “Expose the BNP”. They have launched a campaign against the party, as “its policies are directly opposed to the democratic principles which underpin our multi-cultural society and those policies should not be given airtime”.

The BNP has, meanwhile, demanded British jobs be filled by British workers and no job be taken by a foreigner when a Briton can do the job.

`We will end the mass invasion of our country by low-skilled foreigners who, because they cannot speak basic English, prove to be a liability and an outright danger to the people with whom they come into contact’, the party has asserted.

The BNP has used Oxford’s Radcliffe Hospital’s example to substantiate its argument. It employs staff from 70 different countries, many of whom are being sent on 10 week courses “to learn basic medical phrases.”

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