BNP under fire for remarks on arson

Legal Director says nothing wrong with the act

30th December 2009:
Soon after a new ‘Sangatte’ welcome centre was attacked arsonists, the British National Party’s Legal Director, Lee Barnes, says he finds nothing wrong with the act.

The assertion has led to wide-spread criticism, with critics blaming the party for praising a criminal act. The centre was scheduled to open for UK-bound migrants in Calais this week.

Barnes in `The French Rise Up‘ has written: When governments do not listen to the people, then the people will rise up against the government. This is not a crime, this is an act of National Liberation.

The assertion is also being seen as a veiled threat of an uprising against the Government; and is being seen by some as close to sedition.

The prefabricated units, earmarked for use as a shower block close to the town’s ferry port, were set on fire.

A section of Calais residents had all along expressed opposition to the building, even as the local authorities had claimed they had no option but to agree to the centre, which would be open to all migrants.

The attack had led to uncertainty on the issue of the center’s opening.

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