Fake bride and groom arrested on wedding day

Bride and groom were handcuffed on their wedding day, in Crystal Palace after immigration officials realised the marriage was a sham. The bride and groom, who had just got married in Dulwich, early September, were questioned on suspicion of immigration offences. The Portuguese woman was cuffed during her wedding ceremony after an attempt to help the Nigerian groom get a passport was exposed. The 37-year-old Nigerian groom – who had been living in Southwark – was handed over to officers from the UK Border Agency and remains in custody while officers work to remove him from the UK.

The 21-year-old Portuguese bride – who had been staying with friends in Southwark – was bailed to return to Bromley police station on November 6 on suspicion of facilitating the entry of an illegal immigrant into the UK.

The newlyweds roused suspicion when they did not even leave the church together. Police found the bride with another man after tracking her number plate on police cameras. A police source said: “We couldn’t work it out when we found them. Why she wasn’t with her husband? She was wearing the dress but he wasn’t the groom – and it turned out they didn’t even leave the church together.

Searches yielded fake passports and police made two further arrests. Two other people arrested during the operation on September 17 have been jailed. Kazeem Fasanya, a 31-year-old Nigerian, of Montana Gardens, Lower Sydenham, was sentenced to 14 months after pleading guilty to possessing a false passport at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on September 25. On the same day Adey Senaike, aged 34, of Montana Gardens, was sentenced to six months after he pleaded guilty to possessing a passport containing false Home Office stamps.

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