`Bogus students gaining entry to the UK’

Officers at ports powerless to stop them

12th January 2010: Even though the Border Agency has all along been claiming that its
tighter border controls have plugged the loopholes, an official document shows bogus students are still misusing the Britain’s points-based immigration for slipping into the country.

According to the available information, an immigration intelligence unit said the student visa system was permitting numerous illegal immigrants to arrive. To make the matters worse, the officers at the ports of entry were powerless to stop them.

A leaked UK Home Office memo also warned that it had "presented a window of opportunity to both individuals and organisations seeing easy access to the UK".

"The system is significantly weaker and allows a large number of bogus students to gain entry to the UK", The Daily Telegraph newspaper quoted the memo as saying.

The note has laid emphasis on the abuse of "Tier 4" of the points-based system. Introduced last March, it covers student visas and was.

The report added bogus students who were refused, or ones who would have been rejected under the old regime, were being waved through even though border control staff were convinced that they were not genuine.


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