Booklet released on UK, India partnership in education

Gives info on India, UK partnership in education

15th January 2010:
A booklet underlining the strength of UK and India’s partnership in education has been released at the UK-India Education Forum 2010 in London.

The launch of “Gyan Pratham” or Knowledge First coincided with India’s Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal’s visit to the UK.

The booklet is a joint effort of British High Commission, British Council, Department for International Development and UK Trade and Investment.

It demonstrates that India and the UK are working together on education right across the spectrum.

Sibal in the foreword to the booklet: "I am delighted to know that the British High Commission is publishing a small but highly informative booklet on the UK-India Education Partnership.

It has been my pleasure to associate closely with the efforts outlined in it, which aim to bring together our two countries in the pursuit of knowledge".

"Global collaboration in creating, dissemination and extended usage of new knowledge is the key to sustaining our civilization”.

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