Border Agency staff may soon get bonus

`It is right to reward staff for outstanding work’: Woolas

8th December 2009:
The UK Border Agency staff may soon receive bonus.

Immigration and Border Minister Phil Woolas said: ‘With the creation of the UK Border Agency, we assembled a management team from across Whitehall and beyond, who are leading dynamic changes across the business.

`I believe that it is right to reward staff for outstanding work, and bonuses are only ever awarded to those who have performed to a high standard.’

This is not the first time bonus may be handed over. More than £3.4million was paid in bonuses to the staff at the Home Office headquarters and the UK Border Agency in 2008-09.

As many as 6,036 payments were made relating to “exceptional” performance the previous year.

In fact, the ‘non-consolidated performance payments’ comprised 0.5 per cent of a total pay bill of £750million.

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