Boston political leaders want improved funding to deal with immigration impact

Boston political leaders want improved funding to deal with immigration impact. And, a Lincolnshire MP is also being urged to ask the coalition government to grant Boston additional money for the purpose


The political leaders have forwarded the case for improved funding in a signed letter addressed to Mark Simmonds, Conservative MP for Skegness and Boston.

He is expected to meet the ministers to discuss the town's concerns.

Simmonds is, rather, due to have talks with senior government ministers on the pressures put on the community by the rise in population. They include Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley

The letter comes at a time when the town officials have been arguing the money received was not in sync with the increase in population.

The letter elaborates on the "significant impacts and strains" placed on Boston services due to a "rapid and significant" population change since 2004.

They insist the population of the area is greater than official statistics indicated. As such, the funding received has not been enough.

One of the politicians who signed the letter, Peter Bedford, Conservative leader of Boston Borough Council, said: "We feel as a council that we need to do more work with migrant leaders and of course our own Boston people to bring everybody closer together."

The others to have signed the letter are Councillor Helen Staples, leader of Boston District Independents, councillor Paul Kenny, leader of the Labour Group, and councillor Richard Leggott, spokesman for the Independent group, also signed the letter.


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