Breivik sane, jailed for 21 years

The trial to the killer of Oslo and Utoya is over.  He killed 77 people: "They promoted multiculturalism"

August 24, 2012 – This morning the court in declared sane of mind Behing Anders Brevik, responsible of the massacres of Utoya and Oslo last summer in which 77 people were killed and 240 injured. It sentenced him to 21 years of prison, the maximum sentence under Norwegian law.

Brevik himself looked forward to this sentence, saying he would appeal if declared insane. According to Norwegian law, once the twenty-one years are over, he will stay in prison if deemed still dangerous.

"I'd do it all over again" claimed Breivik during one of the hearings. According to the killer his victims "were not innocent, young civilians, but political activists who were promoting multiculturalism." "I acted in self-defense of my people, my culture, my country."

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