Briefing paper on “What do we know about immigration?” published

CReAM an independent research centre located in the Department of Economics at University College London, has produced "What do we know about immigration?", a new briefing paper to inform the debate on migration.

It summarises key findings on 10 issues that relate to immigration, such as innovation and trade, fiscal and labour market effects, education, the health system and housing, and crime and international development.

The briefing for instance, shows that immigration improves innovation, trade and entrepreneurship.

Contrary to claims that immigrants depend on benefits, the briefing shows that recent immigrants tend to claim less in benefits than native-born British people. It also underscores the fact that not all immigrants are entitled to claim all benefits.

It further emerges from the briefing that one in five health professionals in the UK are immigrants. When it comes to the use of health and GP services, the briefing shows that there is no difference between immigrants and the native-born population. Immigrants in fact, are typically healthier than the native-born population when they arrive in the UK.

CReAM’s document is intended as a resource for the interested observer, to inform about the state of research on these issues in relationship to the UK, and to provide further references for in depth study.

Click here to download the report

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