Brit youth unemployment erroneously linked to migrants

Even though a campaign group has maintained that rising youth unemployment could be linked to the influx of workers from eastern Europe, the critics believe the report is full of faults.


According to BBC a report by Migration Watch UK, which wants tighter immigration controls, claimed British job seekers were losing out because of the extra competition.

But the government had dismissed the research, saying immigrants shouldn't be used as a 'scapegoat'.

Critics assert the report is flawed and that even Migration Watch itself admits it doesn't prove a link between new immigrants and rising youth joblessness.

In fact the Office of National Statistics says there's "growing" evidence that foreign workers were mostly taking jobs young Brits just won't do.

Migration Watch has been campaigning for tighter controls on who is allowed to live and work in the UK.

The group asserts around 600,000 people have entered the UK from eastern Europe since countries like Poland and Hungary first joined the European Union in 2004.

Over the same period, youth unemployment has risen by about 450,000.

Andrew Green, the director of Migration Watch, said that most of the East Europeans were young, of course.

They were prepared to work for low wages, and they were highly motivated as any employer will tell you.


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