`Britain has max 40 years before Third World immigration colonises it’

BNP sounds the election bugle

4th January 2010: The British National Party has asserted Britain has at worst, 20, and at most, 40 years before it is completely colonised by Third World immigration; and has urged people to join their ranks and play their part in this final Battle for Britain.

The call comes just about three months before the general election.

The party has asserted it stands before one of its greatest challenges in 2010. ‘This year must mark the time that the stranglehold of the old traitor parties on Westminster is brought to an end.

`This will only be achieved by all BNP activists pulling together in their single greatest effort of all time for the general election which might be held anytime from March onwards’, the part has asserted.

It has added once Britain is completely colonised by Third World immigration, ten thousand years of history, culture and heritage will be extinguished forever.

The party has further `We dare not let this happen. The BNP is the only political party dedicated to preventing this nightmare scenario from taking place. Will you join our ranks and play your part in this final Battle for Britain?’

The party had only recently bagged two seats in the European Parliament. While party leader Nick Griffin had described it as an "astounding earthquake in British politics", the mainstream parties had lamented the breakthrough made by the party they regard racist.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham had described it as: "It’s a sad moment for British politics.”

In fact, anti-fascist protesters had thrown eggs at Griffin’s car when he arrived at Manchester town hall for the vote count.

The BNP campaigns for a halt to immigration and British withdrawal from the European Union. Griffin, one of the two party members elected, had only recently earned condemnation after he had asked Olympian boxing hero Amir Khan to leave Britain. The Bolton-born Olympic boxer had walked behind the Union Flag for his professional debut, yet Griffin had dismissed claims that his departure would strip the country of talent.

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