`Britain will become unattractive place for workers’

Migrant welfare bodies calls for a reconsideration of settlement proposals

10th June 2011: Migrant welfare organisations have called for a reconsideration of the settlement proposals.
Describing the proposals published by the Home Secretary as bad news for migrant workers in the UK, the organisations including Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants says once through the proposals will make it tougher even for the brightest and the best professionals to work in the UK.

Reacting to developments, campaign groups have asserted if foreign professionals were not permitted to settle here permanently, they would migrate to countries, including Canada and Australia.

The JCWI in a press release said: `Britain will become an unattractive place for workers to come to fill skill gaps, because they will enjoy fewer rights and it will be harder to bring their families with them.
`The proposed measures will encourage irregularity amongst migrant workers. With no official channels open to those who wish to settle here, irregularity will become inevitable.

Those who have worked in the UK for four years currently have the opportunity to apply for settlement rights. To take this chance away will mean that any aspiration to live here permanently will disappear. What care and pride will people invest in the country during their limited time here?
`A temporary, transient section of the workforce with fewer rights will emerge. This is a divisive move for workers in the UK and the divisions that will ensue will be a constant problem for British society in the future, they will help to undermine rights for all.
`Domestic workers currently suffer a disproportionate amount of abuse and the denial of rights. Theresa May’s proposals will further compound this situation. They will find themselves with fewer rights and dependent on frequently abusive and exploitative employers’.
Reacting to the developments, JCWI Chief Exec Habib Rahman said: “These new proposals will create a guest worker scheme in Britain. The guest workers will have a very restricted right to settle in the UK and will have fewer rights when they are here. It will open them up to exploitation it will lead to a two-tier workforce in Britain. The restriction on legitimate avenues to settle is bound to lead to increasing irregularity and overstaying.”

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