British parliamentary committee for better representation of women, ethnic minority in parliament

Three party chiefs to appear before “the Speaker’s Conference”

21st October 2009: A British parliamentary committee is expected to ask the party leaders to make better the number of women and ethnic minority politicians in parliament after the next election.

Available information suggests, three party chiefs are all set to appear before a parliamentary committee, “the Speaker’s Conference”, which is assigned the responsibility of making the House of Commons more representative.
As of now, less than one in five members of parliament (MPs) are women. Out of the total, just two per cent are black or Asian, compared to eight per cent of the wider population.

Labour MP Diane Abbott, one of the conference’s 16 members, is of the belief that there is a chance to change the face of the British politics, with an unusually high turnover of MPs expected at the next election.
As of now the belief is that over 100 MPs will retire at the next election, scheduled to be held in May. The decision is being linked to scandal over excessive parliamentary expenses claims.

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