British public support for 2012 Olympics

73% nationally are interested in Olympics 2012, while in London the interest is now 83%

09 December 2008. A new nationwide survey suggests public enthusiasm for London staging the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2012 now stands at 78% – with more people interested in London 2012 and more believing that the Games will have a positive impact on their own lives and local communities.

Tessa Jowell, Olympics Minister, welcomed the poll's findings:

"The support of people across the UK for the Olympics and Paralympics is an important expression of our hope that London 2012 will be everyone's Games. People are enthusiastic, interested and confident that we will stage a fantastic spectacle. They recognise the huge progress there has been in 2008 – starting construction on the two biggest venues months ahead of schedule, raising millions through private sector sponsorship and passing the halfway point in lottery ticket sales to pay for the facilities and infrastructure.

73% said they believed the Games would have a positive effect on the UK as a whole and 83% on London. When asked about the impact on their own lives, respondents were much more optimistic than in the previous survey: 30$ anticipated a positive impact on their lives (up 8% points) and 29%(up 5% points) on their local community.

Tessa Jowell added:

"The commitment to benefits stretching way beyond just sport is ours too – and, in this difficult economic climate, London 2012 offers up a golden opportunity to produce lucrative contracts for British companies and deliver badly-needed regeneration for one of the poorest parts of the UK."

Those believing the benefits from London 2012 should be wider than just sport were put at 75%, a big increase from 63% in 2007.

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