`British workers too poorly educated to rival immigrants for jobs’

Give migrants a fair share

23rd August 2010: Migrant workers, blamed all along been for taking away the jobs from British workers, do deserve the break the get in the employment sector. A new survey reveals British workers are too poorly educated to rival immigrants for jobs.


The Labour Market Outlook report said employers prefer migrants over the British workers to fill jobs, as they believe the standards are declining fast among graduates and school leavers.

In fact, the managers believe British candidates lack skills to match migrants and readiness of Britons for work is getting worse year by year.

A testimony to the growing popularity of the migrant workers is provided by the fact that one in five firms recruited migrant workers this summer. The trend is expected to continue during the autumn.

The study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and accountants KPMG predicts a third of the immigrant staff will be brought in from outside Europe.

It says four out of 10 employers believe literacy among British graduates and school leavers has worsened over the past five years. Less than one in 10 is of the view the basic skills have improved.

A third insists business acumen has gone down among British candidates; and more than a third think their personal skills are worse now compared to five years ago. The study goes on to say the demand for immigrant workers is rising in line with improvements in the economy.

The report also comes with a warning from author Gerwyn Davies. He has warned multinational companies will shift jobs abroad, if they cannot get qualified staff in Britain.

The warning comes at a time when numbers of skilled workers coming in from outside Europe this year were reduced by five per cent in June as an ‘interim measure’. The overall cap is scheduled to come into effect next year.

Immigration Minister Damian Green is insisting businesses are going to have to reduce their reliance on migrant workers, as this has done nothing to help the millions of unemployed.

Green says they are consulting with business on how the limit should work in practice and will operate the limit in a way that continues to meet the needs of UK business.’

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think-tank, says for every skilled worker imported, there is a British worker not trained. Employers should stop complaining and start training.

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