Brits entertain negative feelings towards migrants

Recent poll findings depict majority in UK support ’right-wing party’ Image
20th July 2011: Almost half of the UK is starting to support the new “right-wing party” approach to migrants, this is the finding of a recent poll. This is the same line of attack that vows to crack down on immigration. This just proves that more and more Brits from around the UK are starting to entertain negative feelings towards migrants.

Overall, this new poll has left many anxious that it is going to generate even more fears and tensions over immigration in the UK. The survey, which involved some 5,000 people, considered views on immigration. The report was officially unveiled by the former Foreign Sectary, David Miliband.

This is already a very sensitive issue for the government to deal with. Either way, it seems apparent that there is growing support for extreme right-wing parties, like the British National Party, as well as the English Defense League. Even though some may not succeed to see how this is applicable right now, it is obvious that this is yet another issue that will come up during the next elections.

Some immigration groups were more than shocked to see the report. These immigration groups insist that the Brits do not actually understand as to how helpful migrants are to the country. The groups assert such kind of views can only stand to drive migrants away to other countries.

They maintain and urge the people to open their eyes and view immigration for what it really is and not just the dismay tales that the media feeds them.


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