Brokenshire: Why universities should ensure that their international students are genuine

A student

Universities sponsoring international students should check to ensure that they are genuine and do not plan to overstay their visas, Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has said.

It is right “that sponsors check that a student is genuine and that they intend to leave the UK, or switch into work route, once their visa has expired before offering them a place,” Mr Brokenshire said.

A studentMaking sure that students leave the country “at the end of their visa or remain here legally is just as important a part of running a fair and efficient immigration system as controlling who comes here in the first place,” the Minister said in a written answer to Daniel Zeichner, the Shadow Minister for Transport.

Mr Zeichner wanted to know what assessment the Home Office had made of the effect on universities of their financial liability for international students overstaying their visas.

“There has been no assessment made as the Home Office currently places no direct financial penalties on sponsors whose students overstay their visa,” Mr Brokenshire said.

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