Build a fair, humane and effective asylum system, government told

Refugee Council has welcomed the government’s decision to disband and split the UK Border Agency into two organisations.

Home Secretary Theresa May recently announced that they’ll create two bodies: an immigration and visa service, and an immigration law enforcement organisation.

Reacting to the announcement, Maurice Wren, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council said only time will tell if the measures Ms. May has proposed “will have a positive effect on the work of the Home Office, as it is still unclear whether structural changes will successfully address the root of the problem.”

He urged the government to ensure that the new system to be introduced through legislation “is straightforward for asylum seekers, as well as fair.”

Mr. Wren said that for years they “have tried to persuade the government that it needs to remove the vital role of protecting refugees from the dominant shadow of gatekeeping, and now is its opportunity to listen.”

Mr. Wren added: “While the political parties continue to argue over who is responsible for the chaos at the UKBA, there is little discussion of the people who have been waiting for months or years for a decision on their cases, with their lives on hold. We would urge the government to focus their attentions on building a fair, humane and effective asylum system, with the protection of people fleeing persecution at its centre.”

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