Bulgarian immigrants turn to Britain

Poverty-stricken Bulgarians expected to arrive in Britain

17th May 2010:
Even as the Conservatives are talking about further tightening the border controls, a large number of immigrants from poverty-stricken Bulgaria are expected to land on the British shores.

Already, Sir Andrew Green of think tank MigrationWatch has asserted the Bulgarian situation is “something to watch”, as the former Communist state’s economy has nose-dived in credit crunch.

As a result of the abject poverty, as many as 29 per cent of the total population can no longer afford to have even their meals. Bulgarian newspaper the `Standart’ says the situation can also be gauged from the fact one in five earn less than £90 a month for full-time work.

Earlier, more than 20,000 immigrants a month were coming to Britain from the former Eastern Bloc nation. Their number went down due to the recession, but now Bulgarian officials insist similar numbers could start heading to the UK again.

Giving reasons behind the belief, a Bulgarian official said Britain continues to be the number one target for people leaving the country, as they believe work is easy to come by there.

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