Cable announces two big initiatives for Asian entrepreneurs in Britain.

It includes a three-year moratorium
28th March 2011:
MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, Dr. Vince Cable, has announced two big initiatives to help Asian entrepreneurs in Britain.
This includes a three-year moratorium. In it, all small companies and start-ups will not face new regulation. Also, they will be spared from “a bonfire of the 22,000 government regulations that we discovered exist, which choke many of the enterprises”.

He also congratulated Asian businesses on their success in the UK. Cable said they were looking to them for giving the leadership, drive and the inspiration that the community has been providing in recent years.

The assertion came at the 2011 Asian Business Awards organized by the Asian Media & Marketing Group on Friday, March 18.

During the ceremony, it became evident that asian businesses continue to flourish and uphold the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship, even as the economic climate continues to be tough.

Cable’s keynote speech was followed by the Asian Business Leaders Forum. The panel discussion featured three of Asia’s leading businessmen: Gopi Hinduja of the Hinduja Group, Surinder Arora founder and CEO of Arora Hotels and the entrepreneur Dr Chai Patel, former Chief executive of the Priory Group.

Hinduja asserted in each and every business, you need clarity and common sense. This has helped them to go into diversity.

The AMG Group also initiated fundraising activities to educate poor children. The Group has partnered with the Asian Foundation for Help for providing education to the poorer of the estimated 400 million children in India.

The Group also pledged to donate half of the night’s proceeds to one of the major relief agencies working on ground in Japan.

AMG Group Managing Editor Kalpesh Solanki said the Asian Business Awards are a tremendous occasion and a reminder of just how successful the Asian community has been, but it is about more than just that too – it is a rallying cry and clarion call for entrepreneurs and enterprises not to give up and keep on the path they believe in.

Founder of Steel group Caparo, Lord Swraj Paul said the Asian Business Awards are a terrific business and community event and make an important statement about their contribution to the country.

All the winners have inspiring stories and they want to encourage entrepreneurship in the next generation making its way forward. He said he wanted the Asian business community to be recognised properly, as it has played a big role in this country.

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