Cable confident of a more flexible immigration system

`We are positive spirit to make sure that happens’

21st September 2010: With business houses and even law firms launching a tirade against the immigration cap that “threatens UK’s sturdy position in the global fund management industry”, Business Secretary Vince Cable asserted a system more responsive to the requirements of business was in offing.


The Lib Dem Business Secretary asserted Britain is working on ways to modify the new cap and was convinced the scheme would become more open to the needs of business following a consultation on its working.

Cable told Reuters: "What I am confident about is that when the temporary system is reviewed and the consultation has been completed, we will be able to have a more flexible system that will reflect the needs of business, and we are working in a positive spirit to make sure that happens."

Attending a Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool, Cable reiterated he was not averse to the coalition’s immigration policy, but his intervention meant problems brought about by the temporary cap were clearly understood.

Cable said he was pointing out some of the practical difficulties which have been subsequently reinforced by the commentaries of all the business federations and many individual companies.

He added they were are now working with the Home Office and hopefully would come out with a system with more flexibility and a better understanding of Britain’s need to be open for business.

Cable had only recently raised his voice against immigration cap again.

After causing a flutter during Prime Minister David Cameron’s trip to India by expressing views against the cap, Cable was quoted as saying immigration limits were costing Britain thousands of jobs and harming its economic recovery.

Cable, who believes the cap would certainly harm trade links, had told the Financial Times that a lot of damage was being done to British industry; and companies were moving jobs overseas in answer to immigration caps as they are unable to hire key staff.

Already, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has dismissed plans of introducing a cap on non-EU immigrants by asserting people want a generous immigration system.

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