Cameron hosts Diwali party, prays with folded hands, his kids find Diwali party exciting

The Hindus in the UK have a reason to cheer and celebrate Diwali with greater fervor.


British Prime Minister David Cameron not only hosted a Diwali party at his official residence, prayed with folded hands, but also described former Libyan dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s death as victory of good over evil in the true Diwali sentiments.

Cameron also made it clear his children found the Diwali party absolutely exciting.

Speaking at a Diwali party hosted by him at his official residence of 10 Downing Street, Cameron said: “Diwali being the festival of a triumph of good over evil and also the death of a devil, perhaps there is a little resonance in what I am saying tonight.

“The death of Col Gaddafi is the victory of good over the evil in true Diwali sentiments.”

Acting Indian high commissioner to the UK Rajesh Prasad, added: “In this very difficult global economic situation, I hope very much that Goddess Lakshmi takes a benevolent look at all of us and showers us with her blessing.”

Seen folding his hands, his eyes closed, and in prayer, Cameron said of all the parties he hosted, his children found the Diwali party “by far the most exciting”. He quipped: “They’ve almost converted.”


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