Cameron outlines benefit restrictions for EU workers, warns of EU exit over migrant plans

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to curb welfare benefits for migrants from the European Union (EU).

He said EU migrants will have to wait four years before receiving benefits such as welfare payments or council houses.

Mr Cameron appealed to the EU leaders to support his proposals to curb on welfare benefits for EU migrants.

“I say to our European partners. We have real concerns. Our concerns are not outlandish or unreasonable. We deserve to be heard, and we must be heard. Not only for Britain’s sake, but for the sake of Europe as a whole. Because what is happening in Britain is not unique to Britain,” Mr Cameron said.

"The British people will not understand – frankly I will not understand – if a sensible way through cannot be found, which will help settle this country's place in the EU once and for all," he added.

Under the newly announced proposals, EU migrants will be stopped from claiming in-work benefits, such as tax credits, and getting access to social housing for four years.

Migrants will be stopped from claiming child benefit and tax credits for children living outside the UK.

Migrants who have not found work after six months will be removed from the UK.

The government will further tighten the right of migrants to bring family members into the UK and speed up deportation of convicted criminals.

Beggars and fraudsters removed from the UK will face longer re-entry bans.

“We will insist that when new countries are admitted to the EU in the future, free movement will not apply to those new members until their economies have converged much more closely with existing Member States,” Mr Cameron said.

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