Cameron under fire for “attack” on immigration

12th October 2011: David Cameron has come under fire for his latest “attack” on immigration. The country's leading campaigning migrant rights charity, JCWI, has condemned David Cameron on the issue. JCWI Chief Exec Habib Rahman said: “This speech is about cutting immigration, and Cameron should be more honest about this. "There already exists a legal requirement of 'no recourse to public funds' for migrant spouses, so the Prime Minister's talk of 'burdens on the taxpayer' is at best misleading. It's not surprising that David Cameron cannot imagine how families manage to survive on low incomes, but hundreds of thousands of people in Britain today do just that, and migrant families are no exception. Many do so without having to rely on benefits. Targeting poorer families in this way means more families will be split up by Coalition Government laws. "Again, a slither of anecdotal evidence of what is seen as bad practice is justifying a rule change. This time extending the probationary period before settlement for migrant spouses. There is no evidence to suggest that migrant marriages are more prone to breakup than any other marriages. Extending the probationary period before settlement has dramatic and worrying consequences especially for women trapped in abusive relationships. They will become another sacrifice in pursuit of limiting immigration." It is already clear that you need to knock louder and harder for coming to the UK now. The new measures announced by Prime Minister David Cameron include stricter tests on the genuineness of a relationship for those wishing to bring partners to the UK, setting a minimum income level for those wishing to bring spouses and family here to ensure they are not placing a burden on the taxpayer and making spouses wait longer – five not two years – before they can apply to settle here, to help ensure their relationship is genuine. The other measures include introducing new legislation to ensure registrars are able refuse to perform wedding ceremonies which they know to be a sham, rewriting the citizenship test to make sure British history and culture is at its heart, and rewriting the immigration rules to help prevent Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights being abused


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