Cameron’s immigration policy “a complete shambles”, says Bryant

Labour party has described Prime Minister David Cameron’s immigration policy as “nothing short of a complete shambles”.

Responding to Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s comments on the Government’s immigration policy, Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, said: “The Director-General of the CBI has said it is putting people off coming to the UK, and even the Tory Mayor of London realises that it is having a dreadful effect on the UK’s ability to compete.”

Mr. Bryant said the Home Secretary was “failing on all fronts”.

“The UKBA and Border Force,” Mr. Bryant said, “have spiralled toward chaos and attempted to hide it from MPs, students are being discouraged from studying here, potentially costing us billions and the Home Secretary still has over a hundred thousand to cut in order to reach her own net migration target. When will she get a grip of her own policies?”

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