Campaign unites Scottish Muslims against domestic violence

A new campaign aimed at uniting the Scottish Muslim community, and friends, against all forms of violence against women will be launched in February.

“The Change This” campaign by Muslim women's charity Amina encourages people to report any violence they have seen or experienced.

“Too many of us have experienced, or have a story about a friend, or relative, who has experienced some form of violence or abuse. Now we have a chance to do something about it, so let’s!” says Amina. “Violence against women thrives in a culture of silence and denial – let’s break this silence and expose and oppose violence against women in our community!”

The campaign asks change-makers to sign a pledge which commits their opposition to violence against women and girls. It also asks them to share the campaign with others.

“We are asking you to help break the silence by taking action to raise awareness and spread the word that violence against women is wrong and will not be tolerated in our community,” says the “Change This” campaign. “We are asking you to be the change you want to see in your community by making the change-maker promise and joining our change-makers of Scotland.”

To take the pledge and become a change-maker, click here.

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