`Cap to have limited effect’: Migrationwatch UK

Policy will be diluted by permitting companies to transfer existing staff to UK
6th April 2011: Even as the coalition government has put in force its first immigration cap for bringing net migration down from almost 200,000 to "tens of thousands" by the end of the Parliament, Migrationwatch UK says it would have a limited effect.
The body is know to campaign for tougher immigration controls.

In its report, Migrationwatch UK, claimed the immigration cap would only have a "limited effect"; and the policy would be diluted by permitting companies to transfer its existing staff to the UK.

The decision to allow foreign students to stay on after graduation, if they have a skilled job offer, too would have an effect on the move.

The pressure group said continuing flow of economic migrants makes it all the more important that the government should break the present almost automatic link between economic migration and settlement. There must also be much more effective measures to ensure the return of workers when their visas expire.

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