Categories of people who have the Right of Abode in the UK


Certain people can apply to prove they have the Right of Abode in the UK.

familyThis means that they’ll not need permission from Immigration to enter/stay in the UK and they can live here permanently without any restrictions.

You may have the Right of Abode through your parents if:

1) One of your parents was born in the UK and a citizen of the “United Kingdom and colonies” when you were born or adopted

2) You were a Commonwealth citizen on 31 December 1982, and

3) You have been a Commonwealth citizen at all times since 31 December 1982.

By Rachel Toussaint, Immigration Solicitor,
Rogols Legal Consultancy

Disclaimer: The above article is meant to be relied upon as an informative article and in no way constitutes legal advice. Information is offered for general information purposes only, based on the current laws. You should always seek advice from a qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry. For legal advice regarding your case, please contact Rogols Legal Consultancy for a Consultation with a Solicitor on  0121 448 9255.


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