CBI hopes issuing visas to workers with job offers will be prioritized

Companies facing problems in bringing new staff: John Cridland
16th November 2010: Having already made clear its stand against immigration cap, the incoming head of business body CBI has reiterated that he would fight for changes to corporation tax, immigration and strike laws with the intention of easing pressure on corporate Britain.
The Employers’ group CBI had earlier also asserted the new system of immigration cap was proving a real headache for firms trying to keep on valued members of staff, or recruit specialists from overseas.

The CBI had added these problems were undermining confidence that the permanent cap would work. The migration system must support, not hamper growth.

John Cridland, all set to replace director-general Richard Lambert in January next, expressed optimism that the government would prioritise the issuing of visas to workers with job offers.

He asserted: "We’ve seen businesses leaving the UK because they can get more competitive tax rates elsewhere in the world.

"We’re seeing companies facing problems in bringing in new staff which limits their ability to grow in the UK and we’ve got businesses that are nervous about industrial action."

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