Cedars to hold illegal immigrants back

The UK Border Agency has come out with a new type of accommodation, Cedars, to hold back illegal immigrants for short periods prior to their return, in case they refuse to go depart on their own. Cedars, the Government claims, is so very different from an immigration removal centre


For voluntary departure also, the Government has come out with a new process.

Giving details, the Home Office said: `For those families, who have been in the country for some time but have no legal right to stay, the government has introduced a new process for managing their return which encourages them to leave voluntarily and without the need for enforcement action.

`For those who do not take up this option and whose return needs to be enforced by the UK Border Agency, a new type of accommodation, known as Cedars, may be used to hold them for a very short period prior to their return’.

The Home Office has added: `Cedars is nothing like an immigration removal centre and families may be taken there only after advice has been sought from the Independent Family Returns Panel to ensure the welfare of the children has been taken into account.

`So far, fewer than 10 families have been returned following a brief stay in Cedars, which was opened in August and is near to Gatwick airport’.



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