Curves in Couture: Celebrate your skin colour, your shape, even your size.

Be proud of your ethnicity, age, shape, and sizes — this is the message Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone gave by attending ‘Curves in Couture’ – a catwalk show celebrating diversity in fashion.


Model Tocara Jones, backstage at Curves in Couture

She was there to promote the government’s Body Confidence campaign.

The event, organised by not-for-profit organisation, Models of Diversity, showcased clothing designed for all shapes and sizes.

Speaking at the event, Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone said: ‘The fashion industry is in a powerful position to really change attitudes and the way people relate to their bodies.

‘We are confronted every day by images that don’t reflect the diverse society we live in. These images set an impossible standard and this can have a negative impact on self esteem.

‘I launched the government’s Body Confidence campaign to challenge this culture of conformity. To widen the definition of beauty to include all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

‘With events like tonight’s, Models of Diversity are really leading the way, recognising that models should represent the beauty in women of all races, ages, shapes and sizes.’


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