Channel 4’s Immigration Street to air as one-off documentary

12th February 2015: Channel 4's controversial series on immigration will air as a one-off documentary instead of six programmes as initially planned.

ImmigrantsProducers said the documentary filmed in Southampton would be shortened because the filming was disrupted by local residents on Derby Road, in Southampton's Bevois area.

The documentary will be aired on 24th February 2015.

BBC reported that Derby Road residents said the show would stigmatise the area.

"In filming Immigration Street the strength of feeling around the issue became apparent not just with the many local people who wanted to tell their stories in the film, but also the impassioned response of those opposing it,” said Deputy chief creative officer and head of factual Ralph Lee. "These experiences are shown first-hand in what is a fascinating insight into the sometimes inflammatory nature of the immigration debate."

While many people on Derby Road welcomed the crew and were willing to share their stories, Executive producer Kieran Smith said there were local groups determined to halt production for their own reasons.

"It's a great shame as the footage we have shot shows Derby Road is a place where, on the whole, people of different nationalities, cultures and religions respect and get along with each other. This will be reflected in the film," Mr Smith said.

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