Charity workers to raise fare for two Latvian immigrants wanting to return home

 No where to go and without jobs, the two have been sleeping rough
29th April 2011: For helping two Latvian immigrants to raise plane fare to go back home, charity workers in Goole are seeking assistance. The two wish to return after finding themselves unable to land up with jobs. Left with no alternative, they were living on the streets.
The attempt to help homeless immigrants follows complaints from residents of Jackson Street and Weatherill Street.

They were complaining about problems in the neighbourhood due to rough sleepers. Reacting to the complaints, Mission Trinity members working with homeless people said the situation was pretty bad for those without shelter and nowhere to turn to.

Mission Trinity runs a Friday night drop-in session for homeless at Trinity Methodist Church schoolrooms on Clifton Gardens

Sarah Renfrew of Mission Trinity said  they have two homeless men wanting to return to Latvia. One of them has been here around for three years. The  other has been around for a year. Unable to land up with jobs, the two have had enough.

Claiming they have nowhere to live, Saran said they want to go home, but they have no money to get back. As the air fare is  £70, they have raised enough for one ticket but need another £70 for the other one.
Jen Smith Jen also of Mission Trinity said they won’t have jobs to go back to but at least they have family there and they will have a roof over their heads.

An East Riding Council (ERYC) spokesperson said the council has recently secured funding and is working with Hull Harp on an outreach programme to help homeless people in the East Riding.

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