Chefs, care workers to be removed from shortage list

The professions attracted most non-EU nationals

1st April 2010:
It may leave a bitter taste, but chefs are to be removed from the shortage list by 2012. This is not all. The care workers too would be pushed off the list by 2014.

The development is significant as both the professions attracted most non-EU nationals.
Quoting Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the UK Border Agency said: He also announced that two of the professions which have attracted most non-EU nationals – chefs and care workers – are to be removed from the shortage list by 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Brown made the assertion during his latest speech delivered in Shoreditch, East London, where he was joined by Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

The assertion comes soon after the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended the removal from the UK shortage occupation list orchestral musician jobs, which are not for leaders or principals of internationally recognised UK orchestras.


The MAC has also recommended that the pharmacists category on the UK shortage occupation list be expanded to include community pharmacists, those working for private employers other than the NHS.

As requested by the government, the MAC carries out a partial review of the shortage occupation list every six months. The MAC currently plans to publish a full review of the shortage occupation list in the autumn of 2010.

All the occupations included in the original MAC recommended shortage occupation lists in September 2008 have now been reviewed at least once.

The MAC was formed to provide independent, evidence-based advice on migration to the government. This includes advice on occupations where shortages in skilled labour exist where migration could help meet the needs of the economy.

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