Children of overstaying immigrants not to be `penalised’

An amendment to the immigration bill all set to pave way for their going to school

Jonathan Coleman, Pete Hodgson, immigration bill


18th September 2009: An amendment by the Government to the immigration bill before the Parliament is all set to pave way for the children of over-stayers to go to school. For the Government says it does not want children to be penalised for their parents’ actions.
Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said during a debate the amendment enables the Minister of Education to allow these children to go to school while their parents’ immigration status is sorted out.
Dr Coleman clarified the Government was not indicating that sending children to school was a path to gaining residence, but children should not be penalised.
Labour’s immigration spokesman, Pete Hodgson, was full of appreciation for the Government for changing the law.
There seem to have been many instances of kids who weren’t going to school, he said, adding the parents might not want to send the children to school, but they could go to school free of charge.

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