Citizenship grants awarded since 1997 will be reviewed: BNP

Adds it recognizes right of legally settled minorities to remain in UK

29th April 2010:
The BNP has asserted that it would review all citizenship grants awarded since Labour entered government in 1997, if it came to power.

In its manifesto, the party said the citizenships would be reviewed as the Labour has itself admitted that they planned mass immigration to change forcibly Britain’s demographics and to gerrymander elections.

The BNP said it would also repeal the Race Relations Act and all other far leftist social engineering projects, such as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission aimed at enforcing multiculturalism.

The BNP said it recognized the right of legally settled and law-abiding minorities to remain in the UK and enjoy the full protection of the law, on the understanding that the indigenous population of Britain has the right to remain the majority population of our nation.

The BNP also pledged to deport all foreigners convicted of crimes in Britain, regardless of their immigration status.

The party said indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years at current immigration and birth rates. This would result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity.

The BNP would take all steps necessary to halt and reverse this process. These steps would include a halt to all further immigration, the deportation of all illegal immigrants, a halt to the ‘asylum’ swindle and the promotion of the already existing voluntary repatriation scheme.


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