Coca-Cola examining how to help end exploitation of migrants in Italian orange groves

Coca-Cola, the manufacturer of Fanta has accepted to examine how it can help facilitate 'fair' conditions and wages for workers harvesting oranges in southern Italy.

The move followed an investigation by The Ecologist which revealed squalid living conditions and low pay for some African migrants harvesting fruit in Calabria.

Coca-Cola had in fact been asked to help address the poor working and living conditions as well as the low wages endured by these workers.

Apart from earning as little as 25 Euros (£21) for a day’s work in orange groves in Rosarno, in Calabria, many of these African workers are in the country illegally, and live in makeshift camps without power or sanitation.

The investigation by The Ecologist revealed that workers are usually recruited by gangmasters, both Africans and Italians, acting on behalf of farm owners cashing in on the ready supply of cheap labour.

In addition to charging workers for transport to and from the orange farms, sometimes the gangmasters make other deductions from wages paid by farmers.





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