Coming April, UK to introduce smarter approach to Post-Study work

Coming April, the UK will introduce smarter approach to Post-Study work.  Instead of giving everyone the right to stay for two years whether or not they have a job, the UK  introducing a system which allows only those with a good graduate-level job to stay.


Revealing this Immigration Minister Damian Green said they will then have `those who are wanted by British employers not just those who want to stay’.

Green said `the other side of the selectivity coin is to use the migration system to attract those we do really want and need.

He added: `We are building, as fast as we can, an immigration system which is smarter, more selective and more responsive. An immigration system that delivers what Britain needs rather than what special interest groups demand.

`The change from the unregulated chaos of immigration policy in the past to this new vision will take some time to be fully visible. But we have taken significant steps already, and the announcements we will make shortly will be another important part of the journey towards an immigration system in which the British people can have confidence.



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