“Common culture” to be taught in UK

Immigrants will be supposed to learn English, be aware of the British way of life, and the children will be educated in a "common culture. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles intends to indicate an end to the strategy of multiculturalism. In its place, children will be educated in a "common culture".

At the same time, the government will vow to confront extremism in all its forms.

Pickles said, “We must be unafraid to insist on the common ground and common values we all share."

He asserted learning English will increase social mobility. Pickles said it was appropriate to ask new migrants to show a grasp of the English language and an understanding of British traditions.

Pickles added that it would be ruthless to persuade people to come to UK without the basic skills and understanding that were important to getting on in a job, in education and the local community.

Pickles referred to a politics of division, demonstrated in recent years by public bodies bending over backwards to translate documents into a range of foreign languages.

Pickles was chiefly disapproving of Harriet Harman, who was equalities minister in the last Labour government.

Pickles stated "Harman was leading the country down the wrong path.”

Pickles asserted if they were to remain a country where people of different backgrounds felt at ease and got along, they needed more self-assurance in their national customs.

And while the strategy may spell the end of multiculturalism, the government will also promise to stamp out racism and "challenge extremism in all its forms" by improving the recording of hate crime against the Muslim and Jewish communities. ·

The Coalition will make public a new “integration strategy” which will set out plans to bring back together communities across the country and stop the rise of extremism.

The integration strategy is expected to state: “We believe in certain values and will actively promote them: freedom of speech; freedom of worship; democracy and the rule of law. Long-standing British values of tolerance are the bedrock of our society. We will champion a united British identity, across class, colour and creed.”

The strategy will support the teaching of British history and culture in schools and encourage the flying of flags in public places. It will also state that the Government “wants” immigrants to speak English and for the new national citizen service for teenagers to bring together children from different backgrounds.

It is believed that ministers consider that this year, with the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, will present the perfect opportunity for the new British identity to be forged.


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