`Conservative government would introduce cap, tackle illegal immigration’

`Government completely confused over immigration’: Grayling

07 November 2009: A Conservative government would not only introduce a limit on the numbers allowed to come to the UK to work, but will adopt other measures as well to tackle illegal immigration, Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has reiterated. Grayling also claimed the Government was completely confused over immigration.

The Tories, in fact, asserted the Government was in confusion over the issue following assertion by a Cabinet minister that Britain was becoming “pretty congested”.

Available information suggests Welsh Secretary Peter Hain expressed concern at official forecasts on the UK’s population hitting the 70 million during the BBC’s Question Time.

Hain is said to have asserted 70 million was in his opinion too much; and “we are a pretty congested island.” The assertion was in sharp contrast to Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s earlier claims of not lying awake at night over the forecast.

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