Councillor warns Italian women against marrying Muslims

Italian women should avoid marrying Muslims if they don’t want to be killed, a Northern League Party official has said.

Stefano Tornaghi is the Deputy Mayor of Bernareggio (30 kilometres from Milan).

Recently a Moroccan man killed his ex-wife in the area. The man who handed himself over to the Carabinieri, said he could not accept the fact that their relationship was over.

Mr. Tornaghi however, believes that the man’s Islamic faith motivated him to kill his wife. He therefore advised Italian women to avoid marrying Muslims if they don’t want to end up being killed.

Mr. Tornaghi seems to be saying that the victim, who leaves behind three children, is to blame for having married a Muslim.

Emilio Biella, Mayor of Bernareggio (PDL) distanced himself from Mr. Tornaghi’s statement saying that it doesn’t reflect their position.

But Mr. Tornaghi was quick to say he believed his statement was shared by his party.

He said that in the recent years, there has been a very high number of immigrants coming to the area. “We’ve allowed dogs and pigs to come to our town without any control,” he said, adding that this has lowered the social class.

Mr. Tornaghi cited newspaper reports claiming that Muslim men do escape with children or stop them from being baptised. “It is unconceivable that an Italian woman can think of creating a family with such people,” he said.

Mr. Tornaghi should clearly answer the following questions: Are immigrants dogs and pigs? How many Christian men have killed their partners and former partners in Italy?

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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