Court response to new constitution favourable, Griffin

`The judge has held BNP’s new constitution to be valid’

10th March 2010: British National Party leader Nick Griffin has claimed favourable response of the court to its new constitution.

Griffin has asserted: “The Equalities and Human Rights Commissions’ argument was in two sections. The first was that the new constitution was not in force because the BNP had not followed the correct procedures in setting it up.

 “The judge has decisively rejected that and ruled that the BNP’s new constitution is valid and has been constituted in a correct and legal manner.”

The assertion came after the hearing of the court case against the BNP over its membership rules. The case has been postponed for final judgment to Friday.

Griffin said: “The only remaining part upon which the judge still has to decide is the EHRC’s allegation that the BNP’s new constitution constitutes a form of indirect discrimination. He will give his opinion at 10:30 on Friday morning.”

The EHRC had earlier made it clear that Britain’s far-right BNP, with “all white membership" could face a legal challenge to its membership rules and constitution, as these may breach the racial discrimination laws.

The government’s equality watchdog had asserted the BNP must provide written undertakings that it would make changes to its criteria, or face a legal injunction.

The party had then opened its gates to non-whites; and had made it clear that 78-year-old Sikh and a retired teacher Rajinder Singh would become first non-white member.

Griffin said the EHRC’s argument was based on an attempt to use the word “policies” in the Act to mean to refer to aims and objectives of any party or group, rather than about application and recruitment policies.

“The EHRC of course claims otherwise, but it is patently obvious this is what they are trying to do,” he said.

Griffin said, “It is a very promising sign that judge has already seen fit to strike down most of the EHRC’s pathetic arguments over procedural issues. We would hope that this consistency and logic is followed through on Friday.”

Griffin added that the BNP’s new constitution has empowered him to make any changes, if so ordered by the court without having to go through an extended procedure once again.

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