Cameron: New EU Member States will never have “immediate unfettered access” to UK’s labour markets

Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed that the UK will not allow new countries joining the EU to have “immediate unfettered access” to UK’s labour markets.

It “is never going to happen again,” he said in Coventry in a speech about the values that underpin UK’s long term economic plan.

Mr Cameron said they were keen on capping welfare and reducing immigration.
“Almost a million and a half people had spent most of the last decade out of work and the number of households where no-one had ever worked had nearly doubled. And this happened at the same time as the largest wave of migration in our country’s history,” he said.

Mr Cameron said such a failure was just wrong.
“It's wrong to let our own people do nothing, with no purpose in their life, dependent on benefits,” Mr Cameron said. “It’s wrong that we open our doors and communities to such rapid levels of immigration they can’t manage.”
Citing recent figures, Mr Cameron said that between 2005 and 2010, “for every British person who fell out of work, almost two foreign nationals gained employment.”
The trend has however changed in the past year, when “almost 90 per cent of the increase in employment we’ve seen has been for UK nationals,” the prime minister said.
Praising his government’s immigration policies, Mr Cameron said: “We’ve cut migration from outside the EU to its lowest levels since 1998. We’re making it harder for migrants to come here and claim benefits or access public services within earning that entitlement first.”

Now, the obvious question that comes to mind is: Do migrants come to the UK to claim benefits?

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